Embrace Writing Services accepts appointments only for FINGERPRINT SERVICES. We accept appointments Monday to Thursday -  from 1 PM to 6 PM. We serve all of Shasta and Tehama County. 


  1. Touchless (6ft from others)
  2. No body fluid transfer (no need to hand over paperwork (e.g. 8016 Form), payment, driver license, etc.)
  3. 8 to 80 times faster fingerprinting (15 sec)
  4. No accidental congregation (by appointment only)
  5. Better than 10 times less environment exposure (1 to 2 minutes at the live scan location)
  6. Ultra-low rejection rate


Click on "Get Fingerprinted" to get started. A new TAB/PAGE WILL OPEN ON YOUR BROWSER
Enter your Email to proceed.
You will receive an email with a Verification Code, enter the Code start the transaction.
If you have an 8016 form, enter the fields to match the form.
Using the built-in Google Map, search for Live Scan Locations near you.
Schedule an appointment with one of 1,000+ Fingerprinting Locations.
Pay for the transaction using a major credit card.
Print the REQUEST FOR CONTACTLESS LIVE SCAN Form and the 8016 FORM for your records. You do not need to hand over either form to the Live Scan operator.
Receive a confirmation email with a QR Code to be used at the Appointment. Then follow the on-site steps below:

STEP 1 (Arrival): Be on time to the Live Scan Service Center (wait in your vehicle or outdoors if early, do not be late).
STEP 2 (Notify): Go to your Live Scan booth and let the Service Center staff know you have arrived.
STEP 3 (Activate): Live Scan Operator will activate the system from more than 6ft away.
STEP 4 (Payment ID): Tell the Operator your Payment ID or waive the barcode image in front of the webcam.
STEP 5 (Validate ID): Swipe your CA Driver License across the black magnetic strip reader or if that doesn’t work, the Operator will ask you to show your government issued Picture ID by extending your arm and show the front side of the ID. Do NOT hand over the ID to the Operator.
STEP 6 (Scan Fingers): Operator will tell you to put your fingers on the scanner surface in the following order:
Right 4 Fingers
Left 4 Fingers
Two Thumbs Together
STEP 7 (Quality Control): Wait for Live Scan Operator to tell you everything is good or rescan certain fingers.
STEP 8 (Departure): Leave the service center when finished.

Click on the Transaction History option to check on your transaction progress.
Requesting Agency will receive Cal-DOJ results typically within a few hours via Cal-DOJ’s email portal!


We also offer FBI Ink Card Fingerprinting Services in addition to our Live Scan Fingerprinting. Generally you will use the FBI Ink Card Fingerprinting for Out-Of-State Licenses, Permits, Visa’s, Immigration, CCW, Firearms, etc. FBI Ink Cards are also called: Hard Cards, Ten Print Card and FD-258. Please give us a call if you have any questions.